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Our primary focus is Social Media Marketing and Consultation to craft a plan tailored to your needs to complement new or existing SEO and design strategies.

Who needs Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is a great way to expose literally thousands of potential customers in your community to your company, name, products, events, promotions, and sales.

Latest Blog Posts

  • In Memory of Jimmy Hatlo – Social Media’s Grandad

    This year marks 50 years since his passing. Halto was an American cartoonist who created in 1929 the long-running comic strip and gag panel “They’ll Do It Every Time” (below), which he wrote and drew until he died in 1963. Hatlo’s other strip, Little Iodine, was adapted into a feature-length movie in 1946. The uncredited forefather [...]

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  • scam-like-farming

    How Spammers Make Money With “Like Farming” on Facebook

    When scrolling through your Facebook News Feed, chances are you’ve seen pull-at-the-heartstrings photos with captions such as “Please help! If this 18-month-old girl gets 10,000 ‘Likes,’ her heart transplant is free.” Without a second thought, you may “Like” the post as a quick and easy way to show you care. But unfortunately, doing so will [...]

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  • Should I use Social Bookmarking?

    Social media sites have become so numerous in both purpose and design that it is difficult to decide which sites to utilize to accomplish your social media marketing and SEO goals. There’s social networks, blogs, microblogs, media sharing, social news and social bookmarking. Perhaps to most overlooked of these is social bookmarking. While almost everyone has heard of [...]

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